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right here, because we are definitely looking out for definitely looking out for you. closed captioning by closed captioning services, inc. >> sean: tonight in the great debt debate it is boehner vs. harry reid who are pushing dueling plans to solve the crisis as the clock ticks towards zero. reid's plan increases the debt ceiling through 2012, ensuring this thorny issue will not enter tear with the president's campaign for rephrbgs. the plan slashes one trillion from the budget this morning he warnedgft>ñ fellow republicas to get your ass in line and rally behind this bill. in typical fashion the threatened the boehner bill with a veto and senate democrats have sent a letter
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to the speaker informing them that no senate democrats will vote in favor of his plan. the greatest threat to the boehner bill may not come from democrats, but the tea party, which is refusinging to back it. my next guest senator mccain came out swinging today against the tea party stance reading from a wall street journal editorial on the senate floor. >> the idea seems to be that if the house gop refuses to raise the debt ceiling, a default crisis or gradual government shutdown will ensue and the public will turn en masse against barack obama. republican house failed to raise the debt ceiling which somehow escape all the blame. then democrats would have to choice but to pass a balanced budget amendment and reform entitlements and the tea party hobbits could return to middle earth having defeated mordore. this is the kind of crack political thinking that turned sharon angle and
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christine o'donnell into gop senate nominees. >> sean: joining me senator mccain. senator, i read the journal editorial. i'm against the editorial. i read the weekend standard today, i'm angry at them. the tea party didn't cause the death crisis we have. the democrats and obama did. they didn't spend all this money to bring us on the brink of default, the president and democrats brought us to this point. why are you attack the tea party? >> first, i was reading from a wall street journal editorial -- > sean: attack the tea party. >> i was attacking the idea that somehow if -- it was attack the idea that somehow if we shutdown the government then obama would get the blame and republicans would triumph. i disagree. i think that the fact is, if we don't act in the republican house, and i believe by the way, that they will, at least
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i hope they will, then the ball will be in president obama's court and geraldo rivera, who has, as you pointed out -- and harry reid, who has, as you pointed out one of the flimsy transparent phony spending cut proposals that i've seen. so i wasn't tacking the tea partiers or anybody. -- i wasn't tack the tea partiers or anybody. i was trying to point out we need to act with our own legitimate spending cuts that way all the pressure will be on the president and the democrats under harry reid. >> sean: i see the republicans competing them says, which infuriates me a little bit this president has not put forward a plan. the tea party saying, wait a minute this is why we hired you guys. they are saying we wanted cut, cap and balance, a responsible, responsible bill and they are asking for the republicans to stand firm on it. so, i found this as attack on
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the tea party. if you are agreeing with it, and mentioning christine o'donnell or sharon angle, it sounds like an attack on the tea party. >> primarily if you read the whole editorial it was an attack on president obama in the way they are trying to shift the blame on to republicans. that's also what i said on the floor of the senate. the president has not come forward with a plan that is unconscionable. the worst aspect of leading from behind. but that doesn't mean that republicans are relieved of their responsibilities. look, i've got to tell you this sean, there is no way there are 67 votes in the united states senate to pass a balanced budget amendment to the constitution. i'll put my conservative fiscal record up against anyone, tea party, nontea party, anybody's. i fought against the bush spending proposals. i voted my own party, time after time. i'm proud of my record. that's why i was -- >> sean: okay i got that.
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>> okay you got it. i don't want us to see a 1995 return to, we republicans can come up with -- i'm all for the balanced budget amendment. i would love to see it be the major issue in the 2012 election -- i voted for it 13 times. >> sean: i understand that >> i don't want to shutdown the government. i think boehner has a good prepostal, we ought to support it. if the democrats and the president don't want to it is their problem. >> sean: house republicans voted to repeal obama care. they voted for the ryan plan, which was a great start. they voted for cut, cap and balance. now 53, every democratic senator this -- is against the boehner plan. the president said he would veto plan. the democrats have not put forward a plan the one harry reid is talking about is phony accounting and doubt and gutting our defense department so i don't like that either. we have fallen into the
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president's trap, in mypj opinion. he set an artificial deadline and that data fast if i, crisis, the same rhetoric he used to pass the stimulus, to bail out banks, insurance companies and call street. same rhetoric he used for obamacare and we are buying into this. fast. we take in 200 billion dollars a month. i think republicans in the house and senate need to regroup, lock themselves in a room, support one plan and put it on the president's desk. if he doesn't want it then any default will be on his shoulders. tell me why i'm wrong? wrong is because if we don't act within a few days, then anyone, including the person with the treasury department under the bush administration came over today that the markets will react. that the lack of confidence throughout the world will be reflected in very severe repercussions, not to just mention downgrades. you saw the stock market down
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nearly 200 points today. to somehow think that we won't have to pay 40% of our bills is wrong. >> sean: senator i'm not -- >> you may an with that. i respectfully disagree with the fact that we are going to say we are not going to pay 40% of our bills, no matter how we prioritize the money we have remaining. >> sean: social security recipients will be paid, veterans, military, interest on the debt will be paid, medicare, medicaid is paid. >> that is not true, they are not all a. i would be glad to send you the information. then who doesn't get paid? what -- what government services are shutdown? i saw this movie in 1995. they are not going to pass a bill into prioritizes who gets paid. the one who will be making the decision will be the president. >> sean: i agree. it is not enough money. i talked to connie mack and rand paul in the last two days. if we would just lock in this
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year's spending and then cut 1%, this is the mack-penny plan lock in 1% decrease every year for six years, two years keep it at a teen% of gdp, we have a -- at 18% of gdp we have a balanced budget. does that sound reasonable? >> we have to make tough decisions there are some programs we should save. we should safe all benefits for our veterans in my view. you want to cut 6% over the next six years that's fine. >> sean: wait a minute. his plan allows for adjustments. let me put it this way, senator, we are going to have 25 trillion in debt that puts us on a path to becoming greece. the country is going to burn. opportunity going out the window. we are saying we can't cut 1% a year for six years? >> what i want us to do is put to the american people a balance budget amendment.
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i want us to cut and cap right now. we control 1/3 of the government, two 2/3. i'm proud of the work that the house has done. i'm proud of the work that speaker boehner has done i'm proud of senator mcconnell's last option which would be a committee i know because i watch you every night, i know that you don't agree with. but it is an equal balance when we only control 1/3 of the government. again, we have to cut spending. that's an the message of the november election. but to shutdown the government and take the blame for it, is not something that i want to have happen. looking at the polling data and you will see. >> sean: polling shows 6% -- 75% of americans want a balanced budget amendment. >> that's fine. 95% want us to come to some agreement and keep the government functioning because they believe there are vital functions of the government of united states. and they want cuts and they want the budget balanced.
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and i'm committed to that. i say to you if we shutdown the government, -- >> sean: why would republicans get the blame when the president -- he won't take the boehner plan, he won't take cut, cap and balance, he hasn't proposed a plan himself. why wouldn't he not get the blame? >> i think the boehner plan is a good viable option, you obviously disagree. >> sean: the president will veto it and 53 senators sent a letter to boehner saying no, so i guess it is dead like every other plan. >> and then it will be his fall. >> sean: it is his fall fault. >> republicans will act with courage these are meaningful spending cuts and they do not exceed the amount that the debt limit is going to be raise -- raised. we'll fight hard my friend. >> sean: i just want to make sure we are on the same page in this regard the president caused this problem, not the tea party. >> i totally agree. >> sean: the tea party
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supported cut, cap and balance. this president is not leading. >> the tea party i admire, respect and appreciate they gave us the majority in the house of representatives so we can get something done. i'm proud and appreciative of them. >> sean: you could say i told you so. i'll leave it up to you throw. >> i told you so that the stock market and other financial markets would react if it looks like we are not going to have an agreement. >> sean: we've lost our aaa death rating, i'm certain of it. it is -- death rating, i'm certain of it. it is sad. >> more late breaking developments. first new polls show president obama is trailing mitt romney is key battle ground states. is the 2012 landslide beginning to breakthrough? the shocking data and much more coming.
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. >> sean: with the u.s. credit rating facing a possible downgrade we are asking you, can you afford four more years of president obama? judging by his plummeting poll numbers i would say the answer is no according to a study, if the election were held today president obama would lose by a landslide. look at this, latest polling data from key battle ground states shows obama trailing gop front-runner romney.
6:16 pm
michigan, new hampshire and iowa. what is more unsettling for the white house is how many competitive states are out there for romney and other gop contenders in ohio, pennsylvania, colorado, nevada and virginia. joining me with more on this, fox news contributor catch her on the five battling with beckel, monica crowley alongside nicole petallides from the fox business network. donald trump said the only thing gop negotiators can do wrong is make concessions to get a deal through congress. he's right. these poll numbers prove it out. 66% of americans support cut, cap and balance. three quarters support a balanced budget amendment. let them come up with a deal now. >> this is deja vu all over again. a couple of months ago we were in the same position with the remainder of the 2011 budget. they told us we are not going to deal.
6:17 pm
they dealt. they said don't worry about it, we are going to whole the line on the debt ceiling. here they are dealing. every time i watch as a conservative, when i watch the republicans, try to go with obama and the democrats in congress it is like watching a little old lady trying to navigate an icy sidewalk. >> sean: they are competing with themselves with their own competing plans and the president doesn't have a plan. i think at this point, all right, every u.s. senator isn't a letter boehner, forget the boehner plan. the president said he would veto it. boehner taking a lot of heat from conservatives over this deal trying his level best as they passed cut, cap and balance. he did improve it today with the cbo. why should he try any more? let the president come up with a plan. >> at the top of the?n8 segment you asked can we afford four more years? the answer is absolutely not. the point we are at at this
6:18 pm
point with our aa rating now obviously at risk. it is likely we could be downgraded -- >> sean: we already had been. >> s&p is already looking at us. >> sean: s&p is saying within three months. >> you are going to start to see credit card rates going up, mortgage, auto loans going up. just across the board. those tax cuts -- i'm sorry the tax moves they made for obamacare are not kicking in until 2013 and '14 it is not even remotely done. >> sean: he caused this problem in every way imagineable. now the question is, politically what is the wise move for the republicans, for conservatives? i say at this point, hold the line. if they have to go very short term dollar for dollar, make it a month, two months. then push connie mack's penny plan keep passing it hand it
6:19 pm
off to the president and and let them default. >> the republicans in the house did their job. why is the onus continuing to be on house republicans? they repealed obama care. they passed a 2012 budget, the paul ryan plan that deals with the long term structural problems that we need to fix this crisis. and they passed cut, cap and balance. they've done three major things to rein in this crisis. yet somehow the onus still on them to generate what, a fourth plan? >> sean: let me say all of you at home are having financial trouble, a lot of you are struggling, 18% unemployment, home mortgage, you are under water. if i said to you, you have to spend in the year 2012, what spent in 2011 and cut 1%, do you think you could do that? the answer is yes. connie mack says we do that for six years, 18% spending
6:20 pm
gdp we balance the budget in a year. >> i don't understand why they don't step up to the plate and be adults. they are putting our country's rating at risk. >> sean: it is donny coal. >> do you know how hard to -- it is done nicole. >> do you know how hard it is to get that back? >> sean: this has already happened. the president is trying to position now and not get the blame. >> i know politics is the art of the possible and you can't govern the united states by controlling one half of 1/3 of the government. however, if we go ahead with the boehner plan -- the president can say the economy is tanking this was the boehner plan. we go downgraded, it was the republican plan. the republicans are allowing the president to co-opt this and bring the republicans into the ownership. >> 1/3 of america going to be on medicaid by 2014.
6:21 pm
i'm not sure that -- [ talking over each other ] >> sean: america is becoming greece. i've never been in concerned about how bad it is. the president sat on the sidelines and can't lead that's the real story. thank you both. >> a new ad that bashes president obama's spending record and issues a conservative call to action. that and much more, next. [ male announcer ] every day, thousands of people are choosing advil. my name is lacey calvert and i'm a yoga instructor. if i have any soreness, i'm not going to be able to do my job. but once i take advil, i'm able to finish out strong. it really works! [ laughs ] [ male announcer ] make the switch. take action. take advil. (chirping birds, idling boat engine) jamie: guys, no! we talked about it. it's water! announcer: check out huge clearance savings at bass pro shops and our upcoming fall hunting classic. host: could switching to geico reon car insurance? or more
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>> sean: as part of a 20 million dollar campaign aimed at photocusing the national debate on the debt and the economy karl rove's group launched a new internet ad slamming president obama's spending policies and arguing our nation is near the breaking point. >> announcer: america's economy is hanging by a thread. under the weight of high unemployment. soaring gas prices. medicare nearly bankrupt. wreckless spending. and a 14 trillion dollar debt much owned by china. we are near the breaking point. maybe we won't be crushed, but someone will. it is time to take away president obama's blank cheque. >> sean: is this not what the great debt debate boils down
6:26 pm
to? since everything president obama says these days is practically a campaign speech what are the political implications for him come 2012. joining me john thune and jeff sessions. gentlemen, welcome back. senator thune, the senate democrats your colleagues sent a letter to john boehner who has been fighting his own caucus, fighting conservatives to try and make it so the country doesn't default after he passed the ryan plan and cut, cap and balance. the president still doesn't have a plan. now harry reid says dead on arrival. the president says he would veto. all democrats say no. where do we go from here? >> president sure hasn't provided leadership in this sean. fortunately john boehner and the house republicans are stepping up to the plate again. we've seen that repeatedly. they passed a budget on time, they passed the cut, cap and balance bill, sent it to the
6:27 pm
senate. senator reid tabled it wouldn't debate it and get an up or down vote on it. the house republicans once again assuming the responsibility for dealing with this crisis. and i hope that the senate democrats will, if the house republicans figure out a way to pass this tomorrow, at least give it an opportunity to be heard in the senate. 53 democrats are writing a lower against it the president saying he's going to veto it is not good for our prospects coming up with next week being the deadline. >> sean: senator sessions w that said i had a lot of issues with john boehner's plan i don't trust the 12 members appointed, i don't trust cuts coming later. we had a fruitful discussion on my radio show yesterday. why should he waste any political capital when they have zero intention of taking it seriously? >> i think his plan is to produce a trillion dollar cut which is about what harry reid
6:28 pm
has said he would accept. and send it over there. i can't imagine why these democratic senators would send a letter saying they would reject cuts over 10 years, which is a very modest cut. remember, the house has already sent a budget that would have reduced spending by six trillion dollars. so, they would prefer to do that. but they are trying to put something forward to avoid a debt crisis. and it is already being rejected by the democrats is unthinkable. >> sean: they did this to cut, cap and balance. i know we don't have a lot of time. i'm going to bring up a complicated issue. i've had rand paul on, connie mack. connie mack going to be on tomorrow or friday. i like cut, cap and balance, both of you support cut, cap and balance but you didn't have a chance to vote on it. we are now with our baseline budgeting, projected 7.5% increase, pretty much as far as the eye can see, correct?
6:29 pm
every year we go up in increased spending 7, 8% a year, is that right senator thune? >> in the entitlement programs that probably is right. that's why we have to get entitlement reform undertaken. >> sean: we passed a bill that says we live within the 2011 budget. in other words, this year's budget, which is 1.65 trillion that we didn't take in. we are going to live within that budget for the next six years and decrease it every year just 1%. can you not find a way to manage the deficit and the debt and get our country off risking its aaa bond rating that way? >> absolutely we could do that. it would be reasonable. it would be the kind of steady step-by-step process that could lead us to a balanced budget. it won't be easy. that's most significant than it might appear. but it is doughable. and that kind of thing and that -- but it is doable.
6:30 pm
and that kind of thinking is the way they need to be approaching this. the problem is our senate colleague and the president want to tax more and spend more, not less. and they are rejecting anything that you send toward 'em that actually reduces spending. it would change the debt course of america. >> sean: your reaction senator thune? how did we get this deep into the process five days out, as of tomorrow and the democrats haven't presented a plan? >> it stars with a budget. the senate democrats -- it starts with the budget. senate democrats haven't passed a budget in 819 days. that's why we are here. we've seen this incredible run-up in spending since this president took office. you talked about his economic record. you look at the debt gone up 35%, unemployment up 18%, health care up 19% -- >> sean: >> that's what has to stop. that's what we are trying to get back down in the right
6:31 pm
direction. we are doing it against big odds because he's got the bully pulpit in the white house. the democrats control the senate. but the house republicans are doing everything they can to steer this debate and we want in the senate, we want to have an opportunity to join them many we hope we will get that chance when the winner -- when the boehner plan comes our way. >> sean: thank you senators. michelle malkin is here. we'll get her reaction to senator reid accusing speaker boehner of caving to the tea party movement and the attacks again the tea party that took place in the "wall street journal" and the weekly standard, coming up. my doctor told me calcium
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annihilating fleas and ticks. visit and get a coupon for frontline plus. debt ceiling deadline politicians on both sides are trying to hammer out a last minute deal. harry reid is now accusing the speaker of the house boehner of pandering to the tea party movement. >> i believe it is time for
6:36 pm
the house republicans to face facts. they are struggling to save a tea party bill. it is not a balanced solution. speaker boehner's plan is not a compromise. it was written for the tea party, not the american people. democrats will not vote for it. democrats will not vote for it. democrats will not vote for it. it is dead on arrival in the senate. >> sean: if what prince harry reid says is true i wonder why many in the tea party oppose the boehner bill? joining me with reaction michelle malkin is here. welcome back. >> thanks for having me back sean. >> sean: the fascinating thing about this is, many conservatives, most in the tea party did not support the boehner bill. they wanted the republicans to stick to cut, cap and balance and wait out the president and wait out majority leader prince harry reid and maybe in the end, reid and the democrats, the five -- 53 that
6:37 pm
sent a letter to boehner did boehner a favor. >> that's the course i would have prefered. if you poll most grassroots tea party activists who worked their hearts and souls out to put in majority in office last november, that's what they want as well. i have to struggle not to roll my eyes when i hear harry reid accusing boehner and the gop leadership of pandering to the tea party. the tea party folks wish they were being pandered to, as a result of this deal. they certainly did not, as a message of their mandate for change in november, hope that at this point in time, we would have the boehner plan and reid plan look like each other! look like pale imitations of each other. i think it was fairly mortifying after the cbo as flawed as its analysis sees have been over the last couple of years, -- some out yesterday and expose the shortfall in the spending cuts
6:38 pm
and having boehner to go back and do i agree me rewrite on the whole thing. it is ridiculous we are in this position. >> sean: i agree. the "wall street journal" editorial today headline gop's reality test. republicans who oppose boehner's debt deal are playing into obama's hands and handing obama a victory. now the weekly standard this is bill crystal's piece. he said this is a showdown for congress to choose to vote with nancy pelosi. if you vote against boehner you are choosing to support barack obama. legislation than boehner passes then it increases the chances that obama emerges stronger. basically what they are saying is, they are choosing -- they are hoping barack obama, if they stand -- they are helping barack obama, if they stand --
6:39 pm
i'm not criticizing either side. i think the republicans in the house especially have done their job. the president has punted and not led. now to have people caution conservatives of helping the president and giving him a victory here, for standing on their principles, is obnoxious to me. >> yeah. what else is new. the sunrises, washington elites trash tea party conservatives. it is john mccain's trademark to throw conservatives under the bus. i found it entirely amusing in the opening segment on your show, that john mccain tried to runaway from his attack on the senate floor. he says, oh i wasn't attacking the tea party, i was merely reading from a wall street journal editorial that likened tea party activists to hobbits! it is bad enough that you have the entire leftest
6:40 pm
establishment and democrat party leadership likening the tea party activists, grassroots, dedicated fiscal conservatives out there who have been holding both parties feet to the fire and having them smeared as terrorists and hostage-takers, people who are pointing the gun to the head of america. look, it is washington that has pointed a gun to the head not just of taxpayers but future generations, that's what we are fighting for. we are fighting on principle. there are elites in washington that would rather have us as they have always had us do sit down and shut up. no more! >> sean: extremely well said. we are headed to 25 trillion in debt. i don't know how we recover. we are going to lose our aaa bond rating. this is a game to the president. this is about political posturing. what should conservatives, republicans do now? >> well, look i think they've got to call the democrats and the white house out on all of this demagoguery.
6:41 pm
then they have to hold fast to conservative principles. one way or the other we have to stick together and reject the kind of chicken little demagoguery that caused so much of this mess in the first place. i agree with you completely that president obama bears so much of the blame. we all still have to remember it was bipartisan collusion and the tarp bailout, auto bailout, mortgage entitlements bailout, aig, freddie mac and fannie mae that brought us to this position in the first place. >> sean: that is altruism the president didn't get one vote on his budget from republicans, he didn't get one vote on stimulus, obamacare, ran it through, changed the rules, bribed senators or the moral equivalent this is his economy. he created this. he had two years with majorities in both houses is the result of this keynesian nightmare socialist utopia of change that you can believe it. >> yeah, well he certainly owns it now.
6:42 pm
make him own it, swallow it and deal which. >> sean: we'll deal with that, thank you michelle malkin. >> time to check in with greta van -- greta van susteren. why are you laughing? >> i don't though 10:00 at night things look different. we have so many guests tonight that i need read off the list. >> sean: paul ryan. >> greta: how did you know? >> sean: it is in the corner of the screen, i can see it. people at home can see it. >> greta: where, o right, i can't see that i'm not going to tell you that one. senator grassley, senator rand paul and candidates santorum and much more. >> sean: asked rand paul about the connie mack plan. it is a great idea. i love it. and he's now supporting it in the senate. >> greta: how do you like our new graphics?
6:43 pm
>> sean: you look great regardless, blue, red, white, perfect. thanks greta. let not your heart be troubled. our great, great american panel is next.
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. >> sean: tonight on our great, great american panel. he's senior editor of the american spectator and "wall street journal" john fund is here. she is writer, director of american values institute alexis mcgill johnson. she is associate editor hot tina korbe is here. thanks for being here. my good friend had an interview with the head of the s&p. listen to this, as they talk about the downgrade in our aaa bond rating. >> if i'm not mistaken july 21, you issued a warning, 50% chance of downgrade. where are you today?
6:48 pm
>> we are still at 50%. at least 50% possibility of a downgrade. >> we have the best rating right now, if rates jumped up 50 basis points how damaging would that be to our economy? >> it would have an impact. and it would be negative. it could be a depressing effect on economic output on economic growth. >> sean: if that happens, any savings they are talking about is wiped out. >> absolutely. and the thing about the downgrade is that honestly, -- i'm sorry. >> sean: the downgrade is going to raise interest rates. it probably will hurt economic growth so that means the rosie projections also. >> downgrade is a reflection of whether we can pay our debt and there was a quote, we
6:49 pm
deserve a downgrade if we can't pay. for all of the negative consequences that would follow, it is still important to recognize that a falsely pristine rating doesn't help either. >> sean: alexis what is your political point of view? you said progressive. liberals never wanting to admit they are liberal. i'm just teasing. tell me what obama's plan is? >> obama had a plan two weeks ago sitting in the office with boehner. >> sean: what is it? >> where he walked out the fiscal plank. he put things on the table. he put social security, medicare, medicaid -- >> sean: that is not a plan. why can't he put out a plan? he's so quick to say he's going to veto. he a budget that was scored horribly by the cbo. he couldn't get a democrat to vote for it. why can't the president of the united states, who you support put his ideas on paper and let us see them? what is his plan?
6:50 pm
>> obama's plan has been to negotiate with the house -- >> sean: that's not a plan. i want to know what is his plan? >> the plan was to sit down and carve out a real compromise. >> sean: way, boehner passed the plan. the ryan plan, cut, cap and balance. >> his strategy -- >> sean, look there is no good faith here. obama is like a poker player who keeps putting chips in the middle of the table betting more, finally someone calls his bluff and says let's look at your cards. obama says, i don't want to show you my cards that is bad faith. republicans passed a budget. obama hints he wants entitlement reform. >> sean: the president is scaring the country. scaring old people. class warfare at a level that i've not seen in my lifetime. he won't put forward a plan yes disaster is about to happen in five days what is
6:51 pm
his motivation? >> i think boehner should call his bluff. he's trying to get by without having to put forward a plan. trying to let the republicans war amongst themselves, which unfortunately we've done some what. >> sean: do you think it is unreasonable of me considering the republicans passed two plans. boehner spelled out writing a third plan. is it too much to say mr. president, put your ideas on paper, because all you want to do is veto everybody else's plan? is that unreasonable? >> it is not watch is unreasonable is to expect that the republicans are going to be able to close a deal -- >> sean: forget, no. they've got three plans, four if you include the gang of six. five if you include the mcconnell plan. the president all he does is throw stones and scare people the world is coming to an end august 2nd, which is total bs by the way. unless god decides it and he's not god.
6:52 pm
>> i agree, because i think we can raise the debt ceiling by then. >> sean: donald trump said this, he's never done a big deal in his life. he doesn't know how to he'd. my contracts are bigger deals than he has done in his life. [ talking over each other ] >> bin laden wasn't a big deal? >> he has never had to work with anyone when there's been any disagreement. everything he pushed through -- [ talking over each other ] >> democrats are upset with obama because they think he's a bad poker player. >> sean: hold your thought. i'm over my window and people are yelling at me. that's tv talk. more with our great, great american panel, straight ahead. use gnesium, an ingredient that works more naturally wityour colon than stimulant xatives, for fective reli of constipation without cramps. thanks. [ professor ] good morning students. today, we're gonna... with less chronic low back pain. imagine living your life with less chronic osteoarthritis pain.
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imagine you, with less pain. cymbalta can help. go to to learn about a free trial offer.
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6:56 pm
>> sean: we continue with our great, great american panel. i'm going to pick on you because you are the own liberal. you said the president has a plan. john asked an interesting question on the break. >> the president doesn't have any specifics. and he certainly won't share them with the democrats in congress. he talks about reform and medicare, medicaid, social security and all of that. but there are few specifics. that lends us to think the plan is only behind closed doors. >> sean: you asked what are the four big aspects of president's plan? >> she came up with two out of
6:57 pm
four. >> sean: this is very important. we are five days away. he tells us the world is coming to a collapse. what is his plan? >> we can't default on our obligations. what i said was that his plan was a strategy to compromise. like back in the day when -- when reagan and tip o'neil sat down that's the kind of strategy. >> sean: his plan is not a plan, but a plan to sit down? >> to sit down and have a reasoned debate -- >> sean: he wants to raise taxes. the republicans said no. republicans have come up with a million ideas, plans written on paper, voted, passed 'em, he says veto. what is his specific plan? i'm not trying to press you, because you are not responsible. he's the president of the united states. he says we are about to lose our aaa bond rating, 25 trillion in debt, five days out, not one american can tell
6:58 pm
us what his plan is. i find this unbelievable to me! >> his plan, as i said was to work with the house republicans and really explore where the entitle s could be -- he was actually -- he was making choies that were really difficult for me as i said. >> sean: you don't know the specifics? >> he was putting social security on the take. >> he did not publicly put any of that on table. there were leaks from inside the white house. >> he was talking the simpson-bowles -- >> he rejected the simpson-bowles -- >> sean: the plan i accept, cut because we are going bankrupt now. cap spending and a balanced budget amendment. i support and we'll have on connie mack, we've had rand paul talking about it. i support this idea because we are using false baseline. keep the budget and tell me if all of you support this. 2011, keep the budget where,
6:59 pm
reduce it every year 1% for six years. we don't want to burden our kids and grandkids with debt. support it? >> i just heard about it. i have one concern. there are some places you could cut more heavily. >> sean: congress has the flexibility only if they don't do it becomes automatic with >> i would support it. >> sean: john? >> family had to tighten their belts more than that. >> i think it depends where the cuts come from. >> sean: congress as the flex ability. if congress doesn't do its job it has to happen automatically. across the board. >> i think -- i don't think we can make those choices on the backs of -- >> sean: we risk 25 trillion in debt. i don't know if you have children, i have two. >> i have a two year . republicans are giving two year s a bad name the way they are acting. >> sean: your 2-year-old god forbid is going to wake up 18-years-old and

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